Puerto Seguro Safe Harbor, Inc. (PSI) is a nonprofit based in Socorro, NM that offers a safe place for clients to use shower facilities, acquire clothing and food, and be connected with other service agencies that can provide help with housing, education, employment, rehabilitation, counseling, medical, and other needs. These free services are provided to men, women, and children of all ages, including many veterans and Native Americans.

Vecino-Neighbor Helping Neighbor Fund, an NMCF emergency fund, intends to give a helping hand to our vecinos (neighbors) facing unexpected needs. The Vecino Fund has made it possible for NMCF to support organizations’ immediate, general operating needs. Funds have also been granted to organizations to allow them to assist individuals facing crisis.

This month, the Vecino Fund granted PSI with funds to replace sixty chairs within their facility.

A few of the 60 chairs provided through Vecino-Neighbor Helping Neighbor Fund. Photo provided by PSI.

“The new chairs are a wonderful addition to our center,” says Jean Ray, Chair of the PSI Board of Directors. ” They are attractive, easy to clean and disinfect, and ergonomic. They are safe for our clients to sit on, and they go well with our tables to create an inviting environment. Clients now sit in smaller groups and are able to communicate and converse more easily than before. The chairs are easy to stack and put away when we need extra space. We have seen an increase in the feeling of community with the new chairs. Thank you very much for helping us help our clients.”