The Big Picture TV, located outside Warehouse 21. Photo Credit: Candy Carlson.

If you’ve passed by the Railyard Arts District in Santa Fe this month, you have probably noticed the installation of a large concrete television at Warehouse 21, an arts, media, and entertainment community center. This one ton, 25 ft television is the creation of artist, David Rudolf, a Santa Fe resident.

For over 15 years, The Big Picture TV has been located in the heart of Los Angeles, acting as an attraction for visitors and professional photo shoots alike. Based loosely on the concept of a television talk show set, the intention of the sculpture is to provide an interactive and creative experience for community members. Through his work, Rudolf intends to level the playing field and allow a broader spectrum of people to become part of the arts and culture community.

Installing The Big Picture TV in front of Warehouse 21. Photo Credit: Craig Anderson

The Big Picture TV partnered with Warehouse 21 to bring the sculpture in front of their location at 1614 Paseo de Peralta. Post selfies, host a television show with your friends, or simply get inspired by this limited-time installation!