Generation Justice (GJ) is New Mexico’s premier, award-winning youth media project. Established in 2005, GJ was founded on principles of race equity, decolonization, and media justice. GJ uses an inter-generational, positive youth development approach to engage historically disenfranchised youth of color to create media that helps organize communities for direct action for social, economic, and racial justice in New Mexico. Using multimedia, GJ produces content based in social justice and resistance, for radio, video, and digital campaigns.

Christina Rodriguez, a GJ Senior Fellow, expressed, “Generation Justice has empowered me with confidence to realize the power that I carry as a young, Chicana media-maker living in New Mexico. Producing community-based media has helped me to find purpose and belonging in my community, and inspired me to uplift the voices of other people of color. It is important to create our own narratives that impact structures of change so that they work for us and represent us. Being a part of GJ has helped me…to see myself as part of a bigger movement for change and understand the value of internal healing and how the two go together.”