The Storehouse New Mexico (“The Storehouse”) is a nonprofit, community-based organization founded in 1976 by Titus and Charlotte Scholl, a local pastor and his wife. Saddened by the growing number of people in Albuquerque who were going hungry every day, they took it upon themselves to help. What started as a small collection of food distributed from the trunk of their car and garage has now grown and become the state’s largest food pantry. Each year, almost 50,000 people come to The Storehouse. Set up like a grocery store, The Storehouse allows its clients to choose which food items they need in order to nourish and feed their families.

More than just a food pantry, The Storehouse is an established community resource in New Mexico, connecting thousands of working families, children, people with disabilities, and seniors with free nutrition and supportive services to improve their overall health and financial well-being. No one is turned away.

You can help families not have to choose between food or diapers for their baby by donating baby food, instant formula, instant cereal, and/or diapers from now until the end of the year during The Storehouse’s Baby Food and Diaper Drive. Visit their website for details.