El Ranchito de los Niños, a nonprofit children’s home, is dedicated to keeping sibling groups together who might otherwise be separated in foster care. The home provides a long- term/permanent place where children are raised as a family in a rural farm setting, given responsibilities, and educated as a means of building a foundation to break the cycle. The home is a nonprofit charity 100% funded by private donations, fundraisers and grants. The home is licensed by the State of New Mexico CYFD and certified by the New Mexico Christian Child Care Association. El Ranchito accepts all children 0-18 years old, regardless of sex, ethnicity, religion or disability.

Children at El Ranchito. (Photo Credit: El Ranchito)

El Ranchito is located in Los Lunas, New Mexico just south of Albuquerque. The 7,200 sq ft ranch home is nestled among 23 acres of rural land and is home to many farm animals that are integrated into their program. The kitchen, living areas and house offices are centrally located in the home. Separate boys and girls wings are located on opposite ends of the main living space. The home also includes a two-bedroom apartment in each wing, as well as an additional apartment available for former residents to stay during visits, college breaks, etc.
For more info, visit El Ranchito’s website.