Animal Protection of New Mexico (APNM) often receives calls from New Mexicans with temporary financial troubles concerned they will no longer be able to feed or provide necessary veterinary care for their horses, donkeys or mules. Fearing their companions may end up at the sale barn, at risk of being bought by a “kill buyer ” and shipped to a horse slaughterhouse, they reach out to APNM for help.

The Equine Protection Fund (EPF), a program of APNM, in partnership with NMCF, provides direct equine services including emergency feed assistance, subsidized gelding, humane end-of-life support, and veterinary and farrier care. APNM created the EPF in 2010 with NMCF, finding a partner to provide the program and its lifesaving services greater visibility and a wider reach.

EPF and its robust volunteer network provide services to private citizens for their companion equines, equine shelters to offset their costs, and law enforcement agencies to facilitate seizure of neglected and abused equines. These humane options are available statewide.

Over seven years, the EPF has provided humane support to an astonishing 921 horses, donkeys, and mules! Please help EPF continue to provide essential services for New Mexico’s equines by donating here.