The Shake-Up is a nonprofit, short documentary film currently in production that addresses the cause and consequences of the 2013 behavioral health Medicaid freeze in New Mexico, an event that has devastated the mental healthcare system in the state. The film aims to aid in galvanizing communities in New Mexico to advocate for state policies that emphasize the protection of mental healthcare providers and consumers. The film is being made by Readily Apparent Media and directed by Ben Altenberg, a New Mexican who now resides in Austin, TX.


Thanks to the participation of patients, providers, journalists, and advocates, the film will tell the story of how fifteen healthcare companies were wrongly accused of fraud, with many forced to close their doors due to lack of funding. More importantly, it will show how these events affected the lives of thousands by following specific families who faced numerous disruptions in crucial healthcare services.


The crew will be coming to New Mexico to finish shooting this month. Donations will go towards both shooting on location and post production. For more information, please visit their website and donate here.