Steve Maynard

Host Steve Maynard traces today’s use of rock back to its geologic origins in the PBS series 21st Century Stone Age. Maynard examines the evolution of dimension stone and human history as we gain the knowledge to utilize rock in all aspects of our daily lives. Witness the creation of new rocks being formed here today in New Mexico, as Maynard shows us “geology in action.”

As the project continues to garner funding for website and social media development, the broadcast series production and educational components move closer to actuation.

A short 3 to 5-minute program will soon be added to the website promoting 21st Century Stone Age’s production of a new episode, “Dimension Stone, State of the Rock.” Also, two new pages will be added to the website featuring fan videos, professional and student geology field trips and amateur geology and rock hound adventures. Interested groups or individuals can send Vimeo or YouTube links with a description to

Coming in February, Steve Maynard steps into the world of New Mexico Turquoise; prospecting, mining, significance to native Americans, buying and selling, cutting and designing, jewelry and fashion, and geologic formation.

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