Brett Penfold, President of the Alta Mira Specialized Family Services, Inc. Board of Directors, and Ms. Chmielenko are shown here receiving the award for her winning design. Photo Credit: Alta Mira.

Natalia Chmielenko, a Senior Honors Student at Eldorado High School, has been selected as the artist for the 2018 Alta Mira Specialized Family Services Inc. KiteFest Poster and Bookmark Design Contest.

KiteFest is the signature brand and fundraising event for Alta Mira Specialized Family Services, Inc. KiteFest will be held on April 28th, 2018 at Balloon Fiesta Park from 10 AM-4PM. Entry to KiteFest is $5.00 per person (over the age of 3). Sponsorships are available and are the key element to helping raise as much money as possible! Every dollar donated to KiteFest offsets costs, allowing Alta Mira to continue providing high quality services to over 1,400 individuals and their families each year. To learn more about Alta Mira Specialized Family Services, Inc. and KiteFest visit their website.

Alta Mira holds an agency endowment with NMCF. To learn how your organization can do the same, please contact Linda Milbourn at