The Radio Cafe, an NMCF fiscally-sponsored radio show, is now on the Santa Fe New Mexican‘s website.


Host Mary-Charlotte Domandi is releasing two audio programs per week that feature interviews about politics, the arts, environment, science, and the local scene.


The Radio Cafe is also working with the Quivira Coalition, a Santa Fe-based nonprofit group dedicated to sustainable farming and ranching practices and healthy rural communities. Together they are producing a program called Down to Earth: The Planet to Plate Podcast, which introduces listeners to the people and ideas behind the healthy food/healthy ecosystems movement. “I feel like this work is so important for our food system, above all for future generations. We really don’t want to be leaving them with the mess we’ve made from the overuse of toxic chemicals and inhumane practices,” said Domandi. “The solutions are there—people need to know about them, start using and teaching them, and develop the political will to bring them into large-scale use.”

You can listen to both programs here and donate to the Radio Cafe here.


NMCF’s fiscal sponsorship program makes it possible for community projects without 501c3 status to use NMCF’s nonprofit umbrella to raise funds for a charitable purpose. Click here for more information.