The mission of Bueno Para Todos, the farming cooperative of El Valle Women’s Collaborative, is to create rural economic development through sustainable agriculture in the Pecos River Valley. In May, cooperative members planted 55 windbreak and fruit trees and brought five truckloads of compost and mulch to Bueno Para Todos’ hoop house.

While it has been a productive few weeks, the cooperative continues to face its share of challenges. Last month, one of the farm’s chicken coops caught fire due to a fallen heat lamp. Fifteen chickens perished in the fire. Before cooperative members could repair the end wall of the hoop house, high winds ripped the top of the hoop house off.

Bueno Para Todos members remain committed to having a successful growing year, and your help will make this possible. Their donation wishlist, in priority order, is:

1. GoFundMe Campaign donations for the hoop house rebuild
2. Building materials to rebuild the chicken coop
3. Baby chicks
4. Non-GMO plants
5. Shade cloth

Photo: Courtesy of Bueno Para Todos

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