NMCF is pleased to announce it has awarded college scholarships to 27 students from across the state. The scholarships were awarded through three scholarship funds: the First American Bank Scholarship ; the Jonathan Sherman Spradling Memorial Scholarship ; and the Aldo Leopold Charter School Scholarship.

The First American Bank Scholarship is a four-year award given to graduates of Chaparral High School in Chaparral, New Mexico. This year’s 20 recipients are Bernice Acuna, David Alvarado, Ruby Cisneros, Ana Flores, Evangeline Flores, Emanuel Galvan, Edward Garcia, Evelyn Garcia, Bethsaida Gomez, Mia Luna, Yamile Madrid, Priscilla Marquez, Hope McKay, Richard Perez, Carolina Pulido, Emily Radell, Fidel Soto, Brynna Torres, Ashly Vila, and Edith Yanez.

The Aldo Leopold Charter School – Ella, Michael and Ella Memorial Scholarship is given to graduates of the high school, located in Silver City, New Mexico. It was established in honor of three students who attended the school and lost their lives in an accident in 2014. This year’s recipients are Daniel Gruszka, Kyra Conerly, Joseph Davis, and Skye Fischer.

The Jonathan Sherman Spradling Memorial Scholarship is named after a graduate of Artesia High School who died in an accident at the age of 23. It is awarded to graduates of Artesia, Belen, Los Lunas, or Valencia high schools. This year’s recipients are Haley Whitaker of Belen High School, Sydney Engler of Los Lunas High School, and Maria Velazquez of Valencia High School.

Congratulations to all the scholarship recipients. NMCF thanks the generous donors who make these awards possible.

Photo: 2018 First American Bank Scholarship recipients during a May awards ceremony at Chaparral High School. Courtesy of Chaparral High School.