ripple-with-textNew Mexico Community Foundation Reaches all of New Mexico with The Ripple Effect: Growing Impact with Community-based Giving

Have you ever been sitting with friends talking about the problems facing our country and the
community? Everyone seems to care but often the solutions seem out of reach. I wish I could do something to make it better but what can I do?

With New Mexico Community Foundation’s newest program, Project Ripple, now there is something you can do to make a difference. Project Ripple builds on the tradition of Giving Circles – a form of shared giving and social investment networking – and uses NMCF’s existing capacity to help individuals and groups brainstorm and consolidate their resources to fund solutions and bring mission impact funding to their communities. NMCF will then match money raised in local communities to help them overcome challenges and problems. The outcome is an empowered giver, enabled recipient and improved community.

To learn more about Project Ripple, please contact: Renee Villarreal at or Fr. Rusty Smith at