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SMALL ACTION, BIG IMPACT Your statewide partner in philanthropy for 36 years

“The reason I am so interested in supporting the NMCF agenda is because they are the one and only champion of all the small, up-against-the-wall communities in New Mexico. The people in these communities need assistance more than anyone in the state. They are hard working and appreciative of what the NMCF provides them in terms of resources, expertise and funds. Also, what I find equally important is the competent, dedicated and forward-looking management of the Foundation. I am delighted to have been involved with them since 1994.”

– Terry Brewer, NMCF Donor


Whether it’s a love of the vast New Mexico landscape; a special connection to our state’s diverse, deeply rooted cultures; or a unique cause to improve your community; every donor’s passion for New Mexico is unique.

NMCF currently serves as a repository for more than 250 charitable funds established by individuals, families, businesses and organizations to benefit people and places statewide.

The areas that we fund and amounts of grants we distribute reflect the unique charitable interests of our donors.

Join Us in Becoming a Powerful Force for Good in New Mexico

We at NMCF know that you have many choices when it comes to how you spend your charitable dollars. Our job is to help you devise the perfect giving strategy to fund your passion for New Mexico.

There are a variety of meaningful ways to give. Some ideas to consider:

Create Your Own Ripple Effect

Whatever you choose, the ripple effect created by your personal philanthropy will be ongoing and far-reaching.

A good place to start is by having a conversation with your professional advisor about your specific charitable goals. You might also explore these tools for giving.

For information on how to fund your passion today, please contact Carla Melendez at 505.820.6860 ext. 7001 or