Leave A Legacy

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Every individual has something to contribute to their community—a personal legacy to share with the people and places they love.

At New Mexico Community Foundation (NMCF), we offer a range of creative planned giving options to help your client develop a plan for a personal legacy gift that will be shared through NMCF grants and other special community-based programs and projects of your client’s choosing.

We work with clients whose wide-ranging backgrounds and interests reflect the unique diversity of New Mexico. While some clients wish to support a favorite area of interest, others choose to invest in a flexible and permanent fund that allows NMCF to channel resources where they are needed most. No matter how your client chooses to give, their belief in philanthropy as a conduit to community change will provide long-lasting benefits to New Mexico.

What is a Planned Gift?

A planned gift:

  • Is formally planned to meet your client’s charitable goals
  • Is made during your client’s lifetime or upon death
  • Is usually a gift of assets, not income
  • Reduces taxes
  • Provides income to your client (or others) for a set period of time
  • Is available over time, and often in perpetuity

Types of Planned Gifts

The most common tools for planned giving include:

Stewardship and Recognition

NMCF recognizes that when your client arranges for us to be the beneficiary of a planned gift, they are entrusting us with their legacy to New Mexico. As a steward of your client’s resources, we promise to support the intentions of their gift and to provide them with the appropriate recognition for their gift in their lifetime and beyond.

For more information, please contact Carla Melendez, Finance Director, at 505.820.6860 ext. 7001 or cmelendez@nmcf.org.