Ways to Give

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There are many wonderful ways to give to a better New Mexico via New Mexico Community Foundation (NMCF) — ways that are driven by your passion for your cause and the promise of your imagination.

Support NMCF!

At NMCF, every aspect of our business is dedicated to helping New Mexico thrive. We are committed to growing leadership in New Mexico, promoting equity and opportunity and furthering the meaningful work of New Mexico nonprofits.

By investing in NMCF, you invest in positive outcomes for New Mexico in these and other areas. Your gifts help NMCF create positive, long-lasting change for healthier, happier, stronger, smarter, connected, hopeful and successful individuals, businesses, families and communities statewide.

To give to a thriving New Mexico, please see our Greatest Needs.

Establish a Donor Advised Fund

NMCF’s development team is available to help you create a vision for your fund and a grant-making strategy that maximizes its impact. For example, NMCF frequently leverages matching gifts or pools resources to ensure that your philanthropy has the greatest benefit for New Mexico. Our team also provides personal stewardship and professional financial administration and reporting for your fund.

To learn more about starting a Donor Advised Fund, contact Linda Milbourn at
lmilbourn@nmcf.org or call 505.820.6860 ext. 12.

Give to an Existing NMCF Program or Project

New Mexico has many needs, and many smart and dedicated people throughout our state are hard at work finding long term solutions for social change. You can support their efforts by giving to one of NMCF’s established programs and projects.

For example, if you wish to support women and families in New Mexico, you can give to NMCF’s NewMexicoWomen.Org program. Your gift will help fund a comprehensive effort that emphasizes leadership among women of color and strengthens families statewide.

To give to NMCF’s many worthy programs and projects, please see our Partner Funds and Programs.

Build an Endowment

Whether you wish to create an endowment fund or support an existing endowment fund, endowment giving is the best way to invest in your passion.

An endowment is:

  • A permanent fund
  • Your charitable savings account in which you never spend the amounts you deposit
  • A fund that gives you access to a portion of the annual interest earned to make grants or fund activities in the community
  • A fund in which you can to reinvest a portion of earned interest so that it will grow over time
  • A sustainable source of support for your favorite charitable cause that grows in significance and benefit to the community
  • A fund which NMCF administrates for a low-cost fee

Gifts of Stock, Bonds, and Mutual Shares

Stock contributions are welcomed and appreciated. When you make a gift of stock to New Mexico Community Foundation your gains are put to good use. Your gift of stock is not only reinvested in your community but it also qualifies for a tax deduction based on the full market value.

By giving stock through the Foundation you can avoid capital gains taxes that would be due as a result of its sale, and instead establish a charitable fund that benefits the local causes and organizations you care about most. For more information regarding gifts of stock, please read our Stock Donation Instructions.

To make a gift of stock, please complete our Securities Donation Form.