Programs: Education & Leadership

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By cultivating community leadership and inviting civic engagement, New Mexico Community Foundation (NMCF) supports leadership development for communities statewide.

NMCF helps develop leaders – both traditional and non-traditional – who can guide communities, address inequities and shape policies. For example, our Collaborative Leadership Program builds collaborative skills required to bring people in diverse communities together to effectively address challenges impacting children and youth.

Collaboration and Civic Dialogue

Our leadership efforts focus on training and professional development around strategy-planning, communications and facilitative leadership. We also develop local assets to support this work.

NMCF promotes programs that foster better collaboration between nonprofits, service providers and stakeholders from different sectors. We encourage program partners to learn from and share their respective experiences in community outreach and philanthropy.

Additionally, our civic initiatives focus on promoting community-based solutions, supporting innovative projects, and encouraging advocacy, dialogue and action.


Education is the key that unlocks a successful future for all New Mexicans.

New Mexico Community Foundation (NMCF) strives to give every child the opportunity for a bright future by working to enhance all levels of education.

One important focus for NMCF is improving the quality of the early childhood education system for students, their parents, their teachers and their communities.

Encouraging Community Involvement in Education

NMCF education programs and initiatives encourage greater parent, elder and community involvement in education.

We emphasize building partnerships to support strategies and systems for creating stronger, more effective education programs, schools and educators.

We foster focused civic engagement by students to ensure that they develop the educational, social and leadership skills to become successful adults.

NMCF also partners with individual donors and organizations to fund scholarships for New Mexico students. This critical financial assistance not only provides greater access to education, it encourages students to set goals for achievement in their educations and their lives.