About Us

SMALL ACTION, BIG IMPACT Your statewide partner in philanthropy for 36 years

Our History

New Mexico Community Foundation (NMCF) was started in 1983 by a small group of dedicated and visionary volunteers who believed in the power of philanthropy as a tool for inspiring creative, community-based change and prosperity.

For thirty-five years, NMCF has distinguished itself as a leader in philanthropy. Our progressive, grassroots approach to building stronger communities empowers community members to collaborate on critical issues by tapping into local resources and discovering the strength in themselves.

We pool resources to support New Mexico’s most underserved communities, strengthen New Mexico’s nonprofits and grow philanthropy, especially in rural New Mexico. We connect donors to valuable projects and vulnerable communities, as well as work to be responsive to current, and often urgent, community needs. We turn small actions into big impacts.

Our Mission

To steward resources, build partnerships, and create opportunities that transform lives and communities throughout New Mexico.

At NMCF, We Value

Rural New Mexico
Equity and Fairness
Inclusivity and Local Leadership